Custom Design & Work

I have had the privilege of working with 4 clients since February 2018 on custom pendants & earrings. It has been an honor to work with them on designs that they want & look forward to wearing & having in their collection. When I work with someone on a custom order I create by honing in on an intention for the piece, what the person feels and how I can bring that into an image or form that resonates with each person. I have loved working with each person & look forward to doing more of this work in the future. Because of the demands of custom work I start by asking for a budget & work to create around what the budget demands. The custom work I have done so far has averaged around $200  However, I can work within a smaller budget with an understanding between the client & myself. I ask for a 50% deposit on the projects to pay for supplies to get started.

Passageways for Christine.JPG

This is the most recent custom piece completed in July 2018. A woman contacted me to create a pendant from a photograph she had taken in Ireland on vacation. This photograph had deep meaning for her as she enters her later years and sees a long life behind her including her ancestors while seeing a future that may be shorter. Creating the depth of this piece was a HUGE challenge given it was about 1.5 long and 3/4 wide. I wanted to capture the passageway feeling in the photo. She and I went through several different polymer clay mock ups and her input was invaluable to the final product. She was very happy with the results & I am thrilled I could support creating this lovely passageway for her. 

Eagle woman Jade.JPG

This custom project centered around the large Jade bead this client had been wearing on some silk cloth string around her neck for years. She had decided she wanted to create an art piece that she could wear and have some symbology. Her attraction was to Navajo style jewelry & she feels connected to Eagle as an animal. The turquoise bead for the head and the ocean jasper for the body were meaningful for this client. I had cut this eagle out of a piece of 18 g sterling sheet, soldered the bezels and set the stones on the front. The back (not shown) had an H for her grandmother and a small waning moon crescent on the body of the Eagle. The Jade bead was used as the tail feathers of the eagle and as all tail feathers help with steering & direction. She was very happy with the results and wears this piece daily.

Eagle woman pendant.JPG

This custom piece was designed as a gift for a woman's graduation from a mastery program. It was designed around laughing water with a focus on flow, dimension & all things water. Freshwater pearls helped round out this piece. Around the sides it says "voice depth through loves gentle wisdom" which is a creed this lovely woman lives by. The back has the date of her mastery on it and a small candle where she is carrying her light into the world. This was a beautiful project and I was privileged to be part of it.

Crown of flowers .jpg
Side of the wave.jpg
water pendant.jpg

These earrings were made for a friends 57th Birthday. She commissioned me as a birthday present for herself. I call them the Crown in Full Bloom. She wanted something feminine and delicate with 3 stones in each earring. The floral theme and colors are very feminine and she was happy with her birthday present.