Coeur Pendant Workshop
Cost: $195
This is a 2 day workshop on creating a wearable piece of art that can hold a sacred personal intention. We will start with silent centering, resting/guided meditation, sketching & creating our own molds from things found in nature. The next day will finish creating fire and polish the new pendant.
Please contact Dawn @ 503-508-9336 to sign up and for details.

Coeur  Pendant Workshops

Coeur Pendant #1

Brave has 3 spirals to represent the infinite.

A large eye for inner wisdom & vision. Brave for courage. Cherry Blossoms on the back

Initially the name for these pendants and the workshop was Kiva. I loved the idea of a vessel that holds sacred space. The Sipapu (the hole at the base of a Kiva that allows the entrance for ancestors) as a portal seemed apt and true for my pendants but now the word Kiva feels untrue to the intention. I struggled with changing it since I had created pendants & events around that name. After some thought the word Kiva represents a group gathering place and these individual & personal pendants are a container for you and your sacred intention. The name has been changed to reflect the more individual/personal experience of this workshop.

Coeur is the french word for heart AND it is the root for courage. Courage is possibly my favorite word and heart is at the core. The heart as a container of love also is the life force of the body. The body is the home for the mind & spirit. In this workshop my hope will be that one of my favorite & healing quotes " I have arrived, I am home"(Thich Nhat Hahn) will be held in your pendant. May your pendant symbolize your arrival home, to your body, mind & spirit. 

Coeur Pendant #2

Vivid has a face of a woman. Wild haired & clear. Intensely deep & bright. Ferns on the back for the vivid need to have nature to hold them

Coeur Pendant #3

Irresistible is 2 sided and created like a drum. The front is a moth to a flame and the back has an opening for love. Resistance is futile to the irresistible.

Coeur Pendant #4

Valiant/Fierce is a lionhearted queen, regal and a leader. on the back is a rose to symbolize sophia the feminine face of God with fierce next to it. 

These workshops will be held as a mini retreat where we will spend time the first day relaxing, using guided meditation, walking in nature and gathering small moldable items for the project. There will be some time for a demonstration on how to use the silicon mold and how to create a vessel shape in metal clay. Then there will be time for journaling, sketching and thinking about your pendant. By the end of day one there will be a start on the pendant and a plan for day 2. The next day will be about working on the pendant & finishing the project. If there is enough time we will fire and finish. Please bring a journal, comfortable clothes and anything meaningful that may support you and your project. Call me with any questions and we can talk about whether this will be a fun and meaningful experience for you- 503-508-9336

Videos of Kiva/Coeur Pendants made in 2017