A look inside earrings

A look inside earrings


These earrings are fine silver handsculpted with 2 3/4 inch orange druzy agates. The transluscence of the agates enabled the clear view of the texture behind the stone on the silver. The texture mirrors the shapes in the druzy. The color of these earrings is beautiful with yellows, oranges, pinks & reds. The earring is a post style earring with an interesting hang. These are a statement earring and the texture and look are dynamic in color and shape. These are a rustic take on modern geometric style.


I love the idea of transparency and seeing underneath something. It feels a bit naughty and yet also like- God, finally. I am toying with this concept with out having to get too literal (like naked bodies) and still play with the curiosity of what is underneath.

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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