A Season for Everything

A Season for Everything


This botanical piece was created using grass seed from my yard as inspiration. In the Willamette Valley there is an abundance of roadside and pasture plants that reach for the sky and live a complete season with whatever the environment has to offer in the form of weather, water and pests. I'm forever in awe of the life that happens all around and within with no demands. Field plants take go with the flow, resilience and bloom where you're planted to a whole new level. This little metal "picture" has a black opal with blue and green flashes, small 22k gold painted inch worm and hand crafted metal clay chain. It's 3.5 inches wide & 1 inch length. This is a substantial piece but still wearable and comfortable. The back is fully finished with a little plaque that says A season for everything. Hand sculpted one of a kind piece of original artwork you can wear. 

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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