Art Clay Silver- torch fire and finish class

Art Clay Silver- torch fire and finish class


This is a beginning class for students who want to take their metal experience to the next level. In this class we’ll cover -

-the supplies you’ll need to torch fire at home

-how to make a piece of metal clay jewelry, refine it by sanding filling cracks & gaps, sanding & creating mirror finish.

-how to torch fire art clay silver & utilizing a small butane torch you can use at home.

-How to use a wire brush to finish your piece, how to use a jewelry tumbler, how to work harden your project

- patina & demonstration of the use of a dremel tool with radial bristle discs & silicone polishing wheels. 

You will receive

10 gm of art clay silver

Use of small cz’s in design 

All stamps & tools in studio

A complete written tutorial & information about products & where to purchase

4 hours of instruction & hands on work

A packet of finishing tools (sanding tools, polishing papers, sanding pencils, etc)


Each student will be required to bring their own butane torch & fire brick. I can purchase these and sell them in addition to cost of class- please contact me for more details.