Copters & Rain

Starting out the botanical series like 🐛☀️🌱🌿🌻- maple seed “copters” are a PNW staple. As a kid I’d stand under a tree in the fall and watch these seeds spiral all over- they can catch on the wind & travel quite a distance. The resilience of life on this planet- we can witness the strength of it just looking in nature.
You can eat these seeds as well- If you strip off the outside & toast the seed they are a bit like a pumpkin seed (according to the interwebs)- I’ll be trying this during the fall when they are falling everywhere.
A little inch worm & a drop of rain bring in some cute details. Be well- these are hard times. Reflective & potent. Tensions run high- do what you can to create, rest & draw on what brings you comfort. As Mary Oliver says- “you only have to love what the soft animal of your body loves” #art #artclaysilver #handscuplted #metalclay #maple #tree #botanical #earrings #oneofakind #bewell
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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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