Golden Gingko Earrings

🌳Gingko has been a symbol of endurance, longevity & protection for hundreds of years- here’s what the website says about gingko-⁣
🌳“The ginkgo tree is passing across a message that we do not need to feel down whenever we face any challenge in life, it is a sign that we need to learn to endure things that may seem difficult because everything has its own time and they will definitely come to an end in some time to come.“⁣
🌳In these times- it’s important to hold onto things that can support our process- as we move through whatever is next- holding endurance, longevity & protection in this little handheld symbol.⁣
Be well- take the best care of yourself that you can- life seems shorter than ever now- love yourself & each other♥️😊⁣
Fine Silver, 22k gold, 2 yellow lab created cabachons, 24k heavy plate earring wires- 
Hand carved, Hand sculpted, one of a kind original artwork
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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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