He Loves Me front closure pendant

This pendant is a front closure button - where the gold center of the flower clicks into position and is where the pendant closes. I found this perfect small daisy and I wondered if the center could be created into a center closure/clasp. Lots of interesting measuring and planning. 
Many of us remember plucking small daisies saying - He loves me, he loves me not - hoping that the last petal would end on he loves me. A silly game we played well before there was any "he" to love us :). I love the gold and the texture of the button and the fun nostalgia of this piece. 
I will make 25 of this pendant using an 18" link and circle chain. They will each have a unique carving on the back along with a tiny number. With all handmade items each is slightly different and I can't guarantee that the picture and the product will be 100% the same, that being said they will be VERY close. Please contact me if you'd like to eliminate the gold and drop the price to $120.  Thank you :)
Fine silver, 22k gold - sterling silver 18” link chain- pendant is 1.5 inches in diameter & weighs 13gm of weight. It’s a medium sized pendant.
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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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