Introduction to Art Clay Silver

Introduction to Art Clay Silver



This is a beginning metal clay class where you will have 3-4 hours to learn about art clay silver and then use in creation of one of a kind jewelry. In this class you will recieve-15gm of Art Clay Silver ~ enough for earrings and a pendant
3 small czs for use in your design
Use of all tools, stamps, textures, cutters in studio
Demonstration of use of art clay silver by instructor3-4 hours of instructor support creating your jewelry
Your own work station equipped with all the things you'll need to create (included in use of all tools)
Design instruction and planning from instructor kiln firing after class (2-3 hours of finishing, firing, design management by instructor)
polishing of pieces by instructor via tumbler
patina of pieces and post class mailing if needed.


    I apologize but with the classes I can't stop the shipping functiion for products. You'll receive a strange email about arranging pick up which you can disregard.  Between 7 & 10 days before class I will send an email with all the details and what to expect. Thank you so much for signing up and I look forward to seeing you soon.