Kachina Inspired necklace

Kachina Inspired necklace


This texture and design came from a trip to New Mexico I took this spring. I saw many different styles of kachina and this one was what wanted to be drawn. I hand drew this design and created a photopolymer plate as a texture. I was inspired by the landscape and the lifetstyle of that area in it's rich culture, poverty and clear othering of the reservation lands. In the last 150 years these natives have held on to the dignity of their beliefs and shown a resilience that spoke to me. A kachina is a spirit being in the Puebloan cultures and I am in no way reappropriating their culture or beliefs because I don't have enough understanding to do that- I am more or less honoring the deep resilience and beauty of that culture. 

Fine silver, tourquoise, coral, 18" sterling silver cable chain. 

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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