Lentil Bead Class

Lentil Bead Class


This is a beginning/intermediate class where we will learn how to texture and dome metal clay with 2 peices then join them in a lentil bead shape. This curve creates a lovely smooth dimensional piece and a beautiful pendant. 

In this class you will get 

20 gm of metal clay

use of all commericial  tools, textures, stamps and cutters at the studio

3-4 hours of instruction and support

2 cz stones for the use in your design

demonstration on the creation of the piece '

kiln firing and finishing post class

post class patina demo and instruction

please see the metal clay classes webpage for details about cancellation policies, etc.


    I apologize but with the classes I can't stop the shipping functiion for products. You'll receive a strange email about arranging pick up which you can disregard.  Between 7 & 10 days before class I will send an email with all the details and what to expect. Thank you so much for signing up and I look forward to seeing you soon.