On the Brink of Everything

On the Brink of Everything


This fine silver one of a kind hand sculpted pendant was created and inspired by the a song written by Carrie Newcomer on her new album. There are times in life where the edge is right underneath you and all things are possible even as they seem to drop away. This pendant was created to be a reminder of the beauty of passages and the the portals that we all take. She is a wise soul. Wild and yet aged. Her ideas are jewels and she holds the key to play. She is ringed by a handstrung mala of charoite, sugalite, jasper, oplite. Clasp is a large ring and cross style so this necklace can be worn doubled with the clasp showing and a small tassle on the clasp in blue. 

Some lyrics from the song that I love-

This body has been many things

It's been rain and snow and earth and dust

I've worked and worried, searched and hurried

but now it's all forgiveness,

now it's just forgiveness