Peering Through

Peering Through


Well, sigh, my sacred wildlands have burned- I have no idea how bad it is but some drone video is not looking good. I find the grief sneaks up on me and I hold my breath knowing that it will grow back- but right now, it's a blow in ways that are surprising. I think about the ash, the jar I have and the place that has been a nurturance since I was a kid- yes, everything changes, yes, it is what it is and - it's hard.

So on that note- I offer the forest as we peer through- with a heart full of sadness, resilience and gratitude for the generous support of mother earth- may we be reminded that this is not a one way street here. WE must support her as well. 

Fine silver- both sides textured, sterling silver ear wire. Aprox 2.5 inches dangle- light weight.

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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