Soul Weaver ~ sewing the seeds of love

Soul Weaver ~ sewing the seeds of love


This hand sculpted feminine piece is called Soul Weaver. She is stuck inside behind a wall BUT she is a weaver of love- a woman who goes deep inside to bring forward beauty, balance, honesty. She is looking out at what she creates with longing to bring more seeds of love to her surroundings. Her hair is symbolic of ideas and weaves along outside carrying love, color and ideas. The tapestry of love & thread & vine. The back is the sun, cloaked in a moon saying "sewing the seeds of love - the vines weave around back and carry the love from the front.

She is hand sculpted, constructed and created as original artwork. This is a special piece one that can also be placed on a tiny easel and viewed as a small sculpture. 

Fine silver, lab garnet, sterling silve chain.

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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