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Welcome to Hawk Hummingbird Moon Studios website. I am Dawn Hemstreet - a metal clay artist & teacher. I am passionate about metal clay and the possibilities of this medium. I have found creativity has been very healing for my life & I want to bring that to you. I teach metal clay classes and create one of a kind and limited edition tiny sculptures that are wearable stories in images & symbols. I am most influenced by the healing power of nature and the strength and resilience of the human spirit. In my designs I work with natural elements, human shapes & structural elements to create meaningful pieces that share a story that inspires. The symbols I most often use are spirals, trees, faces & geometry. The spirals for instance, mean the past and future while the trees and natural elements mean the present moment. I mix these symbols to tell stories in my pieces. I believe in the power of symbolic adornment as a form of self expression which is the richness of diversity in our world. I create jewelry to empower women who seek meaning and purpose by connecting to the images in my jewelry. I invite you to explore your own self expression by taking a metal clay class with me or experience the stories of my creations as they may also be your stories of healing and resilience.

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Dawn Hemstreet June 2017

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